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DISABLE SERVICES THAT USE COOKIES: This option deactivates plugins and other services on your site that use cookies. This will turn off any analytics services you may use for monitoring traffic, as well as any other cookie-related functions, such as bot detection, site optimization, and more. It could also prevent any videos from loading, etc. Note: Cookies could later reappear on your site if you add services that use them. For example, if you add a YouTube or Vimeo video, it’s possible that a cookie could load along with it, which would put you out of compliance again. If you do not already have one, you will also need a privacy policy set up (see below) to be fully compliant.

PRIVACY POLICY: If you you do not already have a privacy policy, one can be added, based on the services your site uses. This is a document that addresses visitor privacy on your site and how personal data (if any) is handled. Once your privacy policy is in place, it can be linked to from the cookie alert box. A privacy policy is always a good idea, even if you have no alert. In fact, it’s one of the main requirements of GDPR.