Web Support & Maintenance: TACCSAA


  • Maintenance, 1.5 at $80/hr: $120.00

SUBTOTAL: $120.00

Digital transaction fee of 4.5%: $5.40
(May be omitted if paying by check or emailed/texted clear digital image of your completed check. The mailing address is at the bottom of this screen.)

TOTAL: $125.40


Website Support & Maintenance.
Invoice date: April 14, 2024

National and international laws require website owners to ensure that their sites are accessible to those with disabilities and to securely store any personal data collected. Other requirements apply, as well. Cookie alerts, privacy policies, and other measures are part of these requirements, but there are more. To learn more about the measures every website should address, search such terms as “GDPR,” “Section 508,” “WCAG,” and “California Colorado Connecticut Utah Virginia consumer data privacy laws.” Email info@agrapeslife.com for more info.