Hosting & Domain: Monica Boyd Renewal

$176.80 $170.00

Hosting renewal due: 2/27/2020
Domain renewal due: 4/20/2020

You may purchase additional years of both by changing the quantity here.


Site Hosting (1 year): $150.00
Domain Renewal (1 year): $20.00
Subtotal for Services: $170.00
Digital Transaction Fee: $6.80 (May be omitted if paying by check)
TOTAL: $176.80

Please submit this form even if paying by check. You’ll be provided an invoice that you can include along with your payment, and will automatically be emailed a receipt when the payment is processed.

*If you would like to pay by check, you can save on postage and ensure that your payment arrives quickly by simply texting a clear photo of the front of your check to 281-667-2518 or emailing it to billing@agrapeslife.com.

Thank you!